Anglo-Chinese gardens of France of which few remains

Chinese pavilion of Cassan


the Chinese pavilion of Cassan

the property of the Bergeret
the Chinese pavilion

The property of Bergeret

Pierre-Jacques Bergeret de Grancourt, Controller of the Treasury in Montauban and a financial investor, planed a remarkable garden. The place has a natural relief which surely would have given a delightful place.


Projet pour le domaine de Cassan


Plan for the property of Cassan (unachieved)
from the plan in the collection Coulon.  Load the 650x480 plan (78 Ko)

The actual creator of the project isn't known, neither is the architect of the pavilion. The painter Fragonard is often listed in booklets, and even the inscription at the corner of the park gives his name. Fragonard stayed at Cassan; he was of Bergeret's friends and they travelled in Italy for a grand tour. There is no evidence that he designed the gardens nor the pavilion.


The lower pond


The lower pond - On the left, the bank and the pavilion.

The French Révolution washed out the project. The property was parcelled out in 1970. The Chinese pavilion is the only remaining significant building. The last hall, built at the beginning of XXth century, have been bombed during WWII. Today we can look at less than the 20th part of the planned estate.

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The Chinese pavilion

There remains a large lawn with remarkable trees and a succession of ponds. At the edge of the lower pond stand the Chinese house of Cassan, framed in a picturesque manner by majestic trees.


Pavillon chinois de Cassan


Chinese pavilion of Cassan

The pavilion was restored in 1975, Olivier Choppin de Janvry beeing the architect. A public park was created around the pavilion, along the road to Beaumont, and the grid of the hall was moved to play as a fore-part. This park is opened night and day, and the pavilion as still been sacked again. Therefore, a defensive grid has been erected closer, which is'nt on the pictures.

Pavillon de Cassan


Pavilion of Cassan - the entry of the public park

Déversoir sous le pavillon de Cassan

Under the pavilion, the water fall of ponds - inside the pavilion



L'Isle-Adam is in the Val-d'Oise. One can walk at any time around the pavilion, wedged in a public park at the edge of the road of Beaumont, 1 km east from the main street.

Office de tourisme, 46 Grande Rue,  (95290) L'Isle-Adam. Phone : 33 1 34 69 41 99

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